First let me start by saying that both companies are top notch so far. BQ has outstanding instructions on how to get your server to back up to their server. And support is fast and friendly. If you need a backup solution, I highly recommend them so far.


This is my initial review on them and it has only been a few days so far. So take it as you want. First let me say, again another very professional company. Live support was outstanding and very friendly. 2 VERY important things for me as a customer to know that when I have an issue, the person I will end up talking to will want to help me or at least sound like it.

From first sign up, to live was very smooth. I talked to their tech/sales on live first for around 15 minutes just shooting the sh*t. In those 15 minutes never once did he sound like he wanted to get off with me, which like I said was nice to see. After I signed up my server was live 24 hours later (did it on sunday, live by monday). Their servers are unique because when I say they do everything in the world you could do as a managed server provider, they really do it! Server is internet ready when it hits your hands.

The server comes with cpanel (included in the price) + fantastico. Again this is preconfigured to be secure for the customer. Also some other scripts that come live with the server are: 1. WHM Xtra; 2. RV Skin manager 3. Fantastico Delux WHM Admin.

1. WHM Xtra is a utility that allows you to view tons of stuff on your server. Things like a browser that you can use to view files on your server. This sorta takes the place of SSH, as it allows you to view any and all files. MRTG Graphs, which is a program that allows you view server stats (example: Server Stats. There are a lot more that I do not feel I need to write about, just know there are more.

2. RV Skin manager is super nice. I have never used it, but the skin itself is very easy on the eyes and nice to navigate through.

Speeds are another great thing about them so far. I have uploaded a speed test on my website which users or potential customers can test the server speed and it gives better results then most bandwidth testers. That is always nice when you know you are going to get great speeds when viewing websites on that server or that line.

Prices for Beachcomber are higher of course, but with price I feel you get a better service. Does that happen all the time? No, but I had a good gut feeling on them from my initial 15 minute conversation with them. You can never repair a first impression, and with them they didnt have to.

To close this review I will say that BQ is a 8 out of 10 so far if you need a backup solution (reason I didnt give a 10, well I have only just begun my future with them) And Beachcomber, without a dout is a 9 out of 10. With their speeds, server pre-configuration and customer service it gets a 9 out of 10. It is always a joy to find companies like BQ and Beachcomber, because like you, you always read the horror stories about certain hosting companies.


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