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    Question problem servstra support ??? (anyone)

    Hello Friends,

    Is servstra support down??? coz i opened a ticket 6 hours ago that my server has some dns issues & all my sites are down, but still no reply from them.

    Then i sent them a mail from another email id & they replied saying they are looking into it, then they sent another mail saying that they have forwarded my request to the concerned department (that was like 2 hours ago) since then i have sent them several mails but no reply from them.

    I wonder if anyone else is facing similar issue with them!!!

    I have been their customer for about one year now (i have about 3-4 servers with them), i have never faced such a situation like this in the past with them.

    But they are behaving quite strangly since last 6-7 hours, i also sent them the following mail but still no reply from them:

    this is really getting frustrating guys, if u cant give support, please let me know ATLEAST, so that i can make alternate arrangements.

    this episode is really getting on my nerves now, please please please for god's sake do something or atleast let me know that you are not going to do anything so that i can find alternate ways to get support from other agencies.

    its 11:30 pm in India now & i am waiting for help since 6:00 pm.

    Kindly let me know if u need any help from my end to resolve this.

    Warm regards,


    Does any one has their contact no. coz i wanna call them & beg for support now, as i am going to loose major clients if this continues for few more hours.

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    still no reply, so finally got in touch with bobcares & got it fixed

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    i've submitted 2 tix to support over the last 24 hrs. the first was replied to in 13 minutes while the second was resolved in 37 minutes. so i can definitely say they are still answering tickets.

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    edit: never mind - i cant read

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    Well, I can't see any problems with their support, I opened a ticket 2 hours ago, in regard to remounting a drive, and recompiling php, got it resolved within an hour..

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