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    Looking for a reseller account

    Hi all,

    I have about ten personal sites to host and currently I'm using a reseller account for them. Recently I have had some problems with my service provider so I'm looking for a new reseller account.
    This is what I need:

    1) I live in Europe so I prefer a european hoster (or near by...)
    2) Disk Space: 2 or 3 GB
    3) Monthly Transfer: 15 GB
    4) User Accounts: 20
    5) Domains: Unlimited
    6) Databases: Unlimited
    7) Dedicated IPs: 2 for my nameservers + 1 (3 total)
    8) Daily backups (IMPORTANT!)
    9) Support also with forum and answer within 1 or 2 hour(s)

    My monthly budget is: $20

    Can you [recomend a host for] me?
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    if u could raise your budget a bit i would recommend i live in Europe too and i moved to a European provider after going through a number of usa based. Excelent and friendly support, equipment, pages are loading realy FAST and getting ping times of <60ms

    i am realy happy with them.

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    Out of all the posts here, only one recommended a host they have experience with. The rest just posted to flash their signature. Please take time to read the original post before you reply.
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    I recommend Site5

    Check out the reseller accounts at Site5. I am a current and satisfied customer -- for 11 months now. Customer service is excellent and uptime is over 99.9%.

    Sorry, this was written before I noticed that the request was for a European host.
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