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    custom VB skin job in exchange for a high valued domain

    Hi there,

    Of all the talented VB coders out there, I am curious to know if anyone would be willing to do a custom VB skin with 2-3 hacks/mods in exchange for the domain

    Obviously, if you're in the biz of coding for VB sites, this domain could be of some real use to you. It has been valued by domain speculators (not professionals) as being with high $XXX to low X,XXX undeveloped as is.

    If this job interests you, please pm me with portfolio of VB work.

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    Are you wanting a skin coded or a skin designed, I'm not too clear on what you want by your post.

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    I'm not sure what the difference is. I'd like a custom skin made to work with a new VB forum I'm getting off the ground.

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    Styling coding references you having a style developed that you need coded to fit vBulletin, style design references that you need a design created for your forum. So you pretty much need a combination of the two, correct?

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