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    Recommend me a crack for XP

    Hi guys!

    Just need some advice here. I've been running a Win XP machine for almost 3 months already, but up till today I still can't get my scanner to work with it

    Well, from what I heard, after installing the hardware and it's drivers, you still have got to go onto the net to get thye hardware recognised by Microsoft before it really gets updated and then you can use the hardware.

    Anyone wants to recommend me a crack so I can bypass this logging onto the internet step completely?

    I know, I know - next time, test out the OS completely before dedicating yourself to one :p

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    What's your exact problem with the scanner? Can you provide some details like error msgs? How is the scanner connected, parallel or USB? If USB: most installations work if you install the software first and plug in the scanner later.

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