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    Banner, Link, Link with Text & Other Advertising Available

    Site: - Also Accessible by, and

    Below you will find a selection of stats from the website: - Obviously with today only been halfway through the stats are down for today.

    $10 it would just be a text link, $15 is a text link and Desc, $20 gets you the main banner position and only 5 banners will be displayed there. The main banner position is where the welcome is situated on the main page now. There is also other ways you can advertise like, advertise a news article where you get your site listed on a news article for aslong as the site is up this is $10. All text links are sitewide!

    , I am aggressively advertising it and will continue to do so. The pagerank I imagine shall jump up with in the next few weeks, google is continually spidering our pages.

    email - [email protected]
    MSN Messenger - [email protected]
    Private message here.

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    You can now purchase ads on through Adengage from $2 per week. Just use the link below

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