Hello everyone. I am in need of some quick cash and I can perform the following tasks. Please respond via this thread or PM for a quote on services. I will do this as a one-time job or on an ongoing basis.

Web Server Optimization:
- Optimize Apache & MySQL.
- Install MOD_Perl
- Install Turck MMCache for PHP
- Install mod_evasive (prevent DDoS attacks)
- Install mod_security (prevent DDoS attacks)

Other server related tasks:
- Tuning sysctl.conf for reduction in load and server optimization.
- Securing system binaries.
- Security inside WHM/Cpanel
- Secure SSHD Access.
- Install chrootkit (Check system security)
- Install APF Firewall
- Install BFD (Brute Force Detection)
- Modify LogWatch
- Disable insecure cPanel cgi-sys scripts
- Install PMON (Port Monitor)

I can also make myself available for level 1 remote technical support as well between the hours of 9pm - 4am EST.