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    Thumbs down News :: Political Correctness ~ "Christmas" lights renamed, Santa's grotto banned.

    Article extract >>


    A TOWN was in uproar yesterday after the word Christmas was outlawed — and Santa’s grotto banned from its shopping centre.
    Council officials in Havant, Hants, claim people of other faiths could be offended.

    The annual £5,000 display of Christmas lights partly funded by local businesses, is being renamed the “Festival of Lights”.

    Meanwhile Santa’s grotto got the boot from the Meridian shopping centre after being branded a “fire risk”.

    Locals were outraged. Greengrocer John Willis said: “Banning Santa’s grotto and dropping the word Christmas is ludicrous.

    “It will make for a miserable Christmas in Havant.”

    Pushpar Sanderscorr, 47 — a Hindu — said: “We should celebrate all cultures, including Christian.”

    Even the LEADER of Havant Borough Council was furious. David Gillett said: “These are Christmas lights. I don’t see any sense in denying that is what they are.

    “It’s political correctness gone barmy.”

    Town centre manager Gail Grant, who oversaw the change, was unavailable for comment.

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    For picture ::,,2-2005530333,00.html

    It raises its ugly head yet again.

    And it's all so stupid, what makes these flanel eating do gooders think this is the right thing to do, well, it's beyond me. *despair*

    Opinions?? Comments??

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    With all the problems in the world and this is what people get uptight about. I feel we should recognize all cultures beliefs. I am Christian, I believe in God and it will aways by Christmas lights, Merry Christmas, etc for me. The last coworker that "corrected" me and said I must say Happy Holidays, not Merry Christmas, got a slap upside the head for his trouble.

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    I keep having flashbacks... oh, wait,

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    Im sorry, but we have to ACCEPT every other religions festivals etc, But when it comes 2 one of our own, a Christian holiday, Its A Different Story?

    Stuff like this Pisses me off, This is a christian country, By all meens come to our country with your beliefs or whatever, But why the hell should we change the way we live because of someone elses belief???

    Its bloody stupid and really pisses me off.

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