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    Talking Touch Support Gets The Red Out

    *Touch Support Gets The Red Out*
    Tired of dry itchy painful eyes caused by sitting up all night nursing your server back to health?
    *Touch Support takes away the pain.**
    *We will stay up with your servers, and handle them with care when they need tending to.*
    *24/7/365, no vacations, no sick days, no schedules to make. *
    *We will do it for you.*
    *Initial Security Audit & Server Hardening, System "RootKit" Scan, SSH Hardening, host.conf/sysctl.conf hardening, Directory/Partition Hardening, Unnecessary System User Removal, MySQL Optimization, Disk Health Check, RPM Integrity Verification, Process and Socket Audit, Remote Port Scan, Disable unnecessary/insecure services, Kernel Updates (grsecurity), Apache Updates, PHP Updates, MySQL Updates, Control Panel Updates, General System Updates, Mod_Security Installation/Configuration, Firewall Installation, Monthly Server Security Audits/Updates, Additional Monthly Administration Hours, Re-secure a server after intrusion, Restore a server from backup, 24/7/365 Admin Availability**

    ** ::ADMIN LITE:: *[$49.95/mo. per machine] **
    Touch Support is proud to offer our System Administration services for small and large businesses of all sorts requiring cutting-edge administration on non-hosting platforms, web hosting companies with in-house support teams, and dedicated server providers looking to offer Managed Dedicated Servers.
    *:: DEDICATED TECH:: *[$99.95/mo. per machine] **
    Our flagship server administration package provides your company with a team of technicians whose sole responsibility is to maintain a small number of client servers. With Touch Support :: DEDICATED TECH::, your company will know what it's like having a team of IT staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    50% OFF for the first 30 days, either ::Admin Lite:: or :: Dedicated Tech::
    Coupon Code: TSGPD
    See more at: <>
    Signup online:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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