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    Unhappy programmer disappeared

    While moving our site, and setting up a third party DNS account with DNSMadeEasy, our programmer disappeared! Unfortunately, I have NO experience in this. I have read the tutorials, and the posts on this board, but I'm afraid I don't understand some of the terminology...and I am completely lost! Neither our current host, nor the new host will help since we are planning to use a third party DNS.

    The site is running on our current host, and the files have already been copied (and tested) to the new host. We will be keeping the current host A as the backup site in case the new host B goes down for some reason.

    Does anyone have the patience to walk a total neophyte thru the process of setting up our DNSMadeEasy Failover account correctly? Your help will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.........

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    Welcome to WHT!

    Did you get all of your files moved over correctly to your new host? This would probably want to be your first step, is to make sure everything is moved over correctly and its ready for "prime time".

    I've never used DNSMadeEasy, but I believe these are correct (if they aren't, then someone please correct me ).

    Login into your account, choose 'Secondary DNS only', and choose Add. Then enter your domain information including the nameserver's IP. To find your IP most of the time you can simply whois your site (, and then it will show you the IP.

    I haven't used cPanel/WHM in a few months nor do I have access to one anymore. But does this help you at all? You would want to enter your DNSMadeEasy Nameserver as your last ones and keep the first ones intact.

    I hope this helps
    Tyler Cole
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    well, are you using dnsmadeeasy nameservers as normal nameservers for your site? or some sort of failover service?

    if they will be the normal nameservers, like those seen in a whois lookup, then (in the DME panel) you would put in the domain name and IP where the site is.

    also, you would put DME's nameservers (such as,, etc) in your control panel at the domain registrar. ..... as normal nameservers, just like a hosts nameservers for most folks.

    I have not used DME's failover services.
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    If you already have the data copied all you have to do is,

    login to
    Click on Managed DNS
    Find your domain name and click Records

    Under A records click on the first thing listed under Name, and set the ttl to 10.
    Repeat that for all things listed under Name.

    Wait around 24 hours and then when you are ready to move, copy the latest updated files over and then change the dns by doing what you done before but instead of changing ttl, change IP to the new servers ip.

    After around 24 hours of being on the new server and verifying everything is working correctly. Do what you done first time around except change the ttl to 3600.
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    programmer disappeared

    Thank you Tyler, CDBurnt, and Scott.Mc ! Thank you for taking the time to walk a newbie thru all this. I think I am on the right track now thanks to all of you.

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    Let us know if you get it solved.

    Best of luck!
    Tyler Cole
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