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    Thanks to Liquid Web

    I ordered my VPS server yesterday from Liquid Web and everything was setup by the same day.

    It is really easy to manage the server and their technical support is so fast. I get quick replies with the understandable solutions. Everything seems work great and I hope quality service never ends

    Thanks Liquid Web

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    You've still got time Young Padawon. All companies will fruit and cater you when you're shelling your money to them.. It's the good ones that continue to months down the line

    Good luck with them, I hope it works out for you.

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    The dark side has clouded my vision I fear.
    Much to learn I still have, master.
    Enlightened I have mistaken you as, appologies I must give

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    Hi Serdar,

    Thanks for the feedback! As ScreamingEaglePC suggested, please keep us posted as time goes on
    Zac Cogswell
    WiredTree Fully Managed VPS and Dedicated Hosting | Average Helpdesk Response <15 Minutes, 24x7 Instant Phone Support
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