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    Red face Another RegisterFly problem

    I have several domains at RegisterFly and decided to remove the WHOIS protection service (called PROTECTFLY) from one of my domains that is due to expire in a week or so. However, even after several days a WHOIS lookup still displays all contacts as being RegisterFly.

    I have tried to contact RegisterFly by e-mail but received no response. I am not in the US (at least, not right now) and hence cannot afford to call from overseas and then be put on hold for an hour. When I try to submit a trouble ticket, the system takes the info but does not update the list of pending truble tickets.

    So what does one do in such a case? I absolutely need to have my own information there, so that I can transfer the domain (.net) away.

    Any ideas?

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    Raise a support ticket

    They should be able to help
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    That happened to me once. I put in for a transfer without looking at the whois data.

    Everything transferred with the protectfly address which I changed back to mine at the new registrar.


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