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    Why do you lag for 5 seconds in a game?

    I have a game server hosted in Florida. There's a player in Australia. He says when he's trying to play the game, sometimes everything will freeze for 5 seconds.

    I pinged him and his ping time is minimum 249ms, maximum 631ms, and 0% packet loss. Since the maximum ping time is less than 5 seconds and there is no packet loss, I don't know why he is experiencing 5-second lags.

    He says he's played the same game on other US-based servers and they don't lag like this.

    Any ideas?

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    Pinging isn't a terribly accurate way to measure packet loss; after all, unless you're flooding the host you're probably only testing with a packet a second. Most games will deliver up to and beyond a hundred per second.

    Some are very sensitive to packet loss, and it's not unfeasible for a badly designed one to need up to five seconds to resynchronise following a series of dropped packets. This theory would gain particular weight if the lag interval was consistently five seconds (assuming the game isn't just updating its lag measurement once every five seconds...).

    The wide variations in latency you measured are perhaps more indicative of the root problem. If the route is consistently varying by up to 400ms in latency then it's quite likely that packets are being dropped as well. Whether this is through overloading, faulty hardware, or for another reason is unclear, but performing traceroutes might bring you a little closer to a solution.

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    yes in game it will defiantely be different than just a raw ping test. Try doing a traceroute and see what you come up with them. And realistically australia to florida is a loooooong haul especially for gamers and no matter what you do it is probably going to be a crappy play experience

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    I have to agree with what others have said, a trace route will give a better idea of whats going on and east coast US to Australia is really long distance. A west coast US server would be much better for Australian users.

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    The short answer? Your AU player is just too far away to have a decent experience.. There's not a whole lot you can do short of putting a server closer to him/her..

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    Not really if its only 5 second bursts, which sounds like dropping packets.

    Ask him to call his isp and have alook at it, they may not even know theirs a problem because most normal users would not experience it. Only things using the connection extensivly would. The last time I saw anything like that was a problem with the signal from the modem.
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