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    Disk hda5 (/home) DMA+ 85 %

    How could I bring this down without getting rid of user files under /home/*
    Is it possible to make this partition larger while taking from other ones?

    Summary of the rest of the partitions:

    Disk hda6 (/) DMA+ 34 %
    Disk hda1 (/boot) DMA+ 38 %
    Disk hda5 (/home) DMA+ 85 %
    Disk hda7 (/tmp) DMA+ 13 %
    Disk hda2 (/usr) DMA+ 31 %
    Disk hda3 (/var) DMA+ 44 %

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    you can't remount your partion. you should repartition and the reformat your drive. so, as best way for solving issue just plug second hdd and make /home2 partition on them.
    of course if you not using LVM.
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