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    how to restore a IIS metabase on another installed server (w2003)

    Hi there,

    Can i restore the iis metabase from server 1, on a fresh windows installed
    metabase on server 2 ?

    or do i get problems met System idīs and that kind off things ?

    What is the best way to migrate my websites from one server to the other. (server 1 is (still) running)

    hope you can help me..

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    Do you have a control panel on the server with an export feature? With the control panel we have installed there is a function to restore web, email, database, dns, stats services and once restored you just restore the files from the domains if you are restoring domains.

    It might be worth checking if you have a feature like that in your control panel.

    I havent tried a direct copy of a metabase but I belive you will probably run in to problems, but I do not know if those problems will have an easy fix or not.

    It will be worth waiting here for someone who has done this before to comment.

    Or... just try it If it breaks then restore a backup of the metabase on the new server.

    Just remember that you will need to set up all your users, permissions etc...
    -- Matthew

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    The best way to migrate Windows -> Windows without a control panel is to set up the accounts manually on the new server. You can restore the IIS metabase on a fresh server, but personally I'd use this only in a disaster recovery situation.
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