I'm in need of a single PHP Programmer's help. The help will consist of:
  • Fixing bugs in current software.
  • Developing new software (along side of myself).
  • Answering help desk tickets.
  • Answering questions, comments, ect in the forum.
  • Installing software (takes no more than 5 minutes).

  • Can modify software.
  • Can write OOP PHP code.
  • Lives in the EST timezone near it.
  • Can communicate via AIM.
  • Will be able to be available over the phone when at certain times.

To be honest, this job is going to consist of a bunch of different php / mysql tasks. Price will be determined per application.

Please send me an email with your recent past works along with one PHP class. If you send an email and you do not include an attachment, it will go directly in the trash for two reasons, either you can't do OOP or you just haven't read this whole thread. I will not work with lazy people and if you haven't taken the time to read this whole thread you're looking for a quick buck.

Email me at, amos.ryan at google dot com - replace google with gmail and we're there.