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    Thumbs up Running a huge website (Server load issue)


    We are running a huge network who gets around 5 000 000 impressions per week.

    Our servers are located at The Planet and we are wondering if upgrading all our servers from 1GB to 2GB would lower the server load. The load is due to the high number of MYSQL requests. When we reach 1 300 users online it's getting really slow.

    Thank you for your opinion.

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    A ram upgrade is always good, but you might wanna post the other specs of your server so we can see what might be the bottleneck

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    Yea, as Groovy stated.. need more info. I would suspect its one of the 3. CPU, I/O of drives or using swap.
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    SCSI Disks, RAM, CPU Upgrades can all help the load of a server. It all depends on what is the problem to begin with.
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    I would recommend at least running the server with 2GB (more is always better)...we've recently upgraded a clients site that was running a huge mysql db...we upgraded them to ms sql and the performance went way up. If worse comes to worse you can always go this route.

    Here's a great converter:

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    You could also have someone tune your MYSQL as well as the ram upgrade.

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    If you do a lot of inserting/updating, you probably want to use innoDB tables instead of MyIASM.
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    Having someone take a close look at MySQL will probably help. You might start with grabbing 4.1.15 if you don't have it already as they have made some optimization changes in the last couple builds.

    Upgrading to 2GB will most likely help; monitoring your current memory usage/paging (avoid paging at all costs) should indicate whether it will help or not. - Providing information about web analytics and general internet marketing.

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    Should identify the cause of the high load first, insufficient memory, high I/O wait, not properly tuned mysql/apache or bad code?
    Adding more memory should help in most cases, but some times it doesn't.
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