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    Inexpensive Reseller Hosting [Fantastico & RVSkin]

    We also offer Shared Hosting @ that comes with 1 Free TLD Domain for every purchased plan.

    Here are our Reseller Plans:

    Plan One:
    Space / Bandwidth: 700 MB / 7 GB
    Dedicated IP: 0 Free
    Sub-Reseller: No
    No set up fee
    Monthly (USD): 2.99
    Quarterly (USD): 8.00
    Semi-Annually (USD): 15.25
    Annually (USD): 28.70

    Plan Two:
    Space / Bandwidth: 5 GB / 50 GB
    Dedicated IP: 0 Free
    Sub-Reseller: No
    No set up fee
    Monthly (USD): 9.75
    Quarterly (USD): 26.30
    Semi-Annually (USD): 49.70
    Annually (USD): 93.60

    Plan Three:
    Space / Bandwidth: 7 GB / 70 GB
    Dedicated IP: 0 Free
    Sub-Reseller: No
    No set up fee
    Monthly (USD): 17.25
    Quarterly (USD): 46.60
    Semi-Annually (USD): 88.00
    Annually (USD): 165.60

    Plan Four:
    Space / Bandwidth: 10 GB / 100 GB
    Dedicated IP: 0 Free
    Sub-Reseller: Yes
    No set up fee
    Monthly (USD): 25.95
    Quarterly (USD): 70.00
    Semi-Annually (USD): 132.35
    Annually (USD): 249.10

    Plan Five:
    Space / Bandwidth: 15 GB / 150 GB
    Dedicated IP: 1 Free
    Sub-Reseller: Yes
    No set up fee
    Monthly (USD): 34.50
    Quarterly (USD): 93.15
    Semi-Annually (USD): 175.95
    Annually (USD): 331.20

    All plans come with unlimited features of emails, mysql databases, domain, subdomain, ftp, stats, etc...
    All plans come with SSI/Frontpage/Zend Optimizer/Curl/GD/ImageMagik supported.
    All plans come with WHM/Cpanel with Fantastico Deluxe & RVSkin
    All plans come with SSH for primary reseller account.
    All plans come with 100% Private Nameserver or Free Custom Nameserver.
    Overselling enabled on all plans. Please know your limit, we do charge overage.

    1 Free Domain for annual payment on Plan 3-5
    *Sub-Reseller = Sell Reseller account - Available if you open a ticket through us.

    99.5% SLA or credit return.
    30 days money back without questions if not completely satisfied.
    Account set up 72 hours after ordered.
    Cusom Plans are available, please contact our sales for more information.
    DataCenter: Telehouse in New York, USA

    You can order here.
    You can reach our Support Ticket here.
    or you can view the overall information temporarily here.

    We will be looking forward to serving you.

    Sales: sales{at}vphostcenter{dot}com
    Tech: support{at}vphostcenter{dot}com
    Abuse: abuse{at}vphostcenter{dot}com

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    I just visit
    is vphostc and your company are same?

    and I just add you in my MSN list..
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    My apologies for the delayed response,, and is the same.

    Recently acquire as well


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