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    Creating an Email List

    In Outlook express, I created a mailing rule when certain people email me, with a certain heading, that message be put into a certain folder.

    Right now, I have 170 emails in that folder, from 170 different people.

    Is there a way, that I can take all those email addresses and put them into an address book folder automatically, or something to that extent so I can send a mass email, without sending it to each person individually?

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    I'm not sure of an easy free way to do it, but this software will do it...

    It's $25, but they offer a trial that will allow extraction if the email is smaller than 4kb.

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    Is this in the right thread? I know that certain webmail hosts do that automatically. I'm surprised that Outlook doesn't have it.
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    Anyone know of a similar program or function in Outlook that could help me?

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    Yea, havn't heard of anything for Outlook Express that can do it.
    What are you using for your mail software? We run Imail on our servers so we can take a flat file full of email addresses, put them up on the server and assign a mailing list to it (something like [email protected]). This way we can send a message to that address and it aliases the text extremely well.

    Another decent 3rd party system is also ...i think they have a free trial going on...

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