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    Special: Save $100 on Athlon64 dual core in Equinix, Premium Network, No Setup Fee

    Until the end of November get Athlon64 X2 3800 servers with no setup fee (normally $100 setup)

    Server Details: AMD Athlon64 X2 3800 - 2GB DDR - 160GB SATA - 800GB - $220/Month + $0 Setup

    Use promocode 200511X2 when ordering to get this special offer

    Other Offers:
    AMD Sempron 3000 - 1GB DDR - 80GB HD - 800GB - $110/Month + $0 Setup
    AMD Athlon64 3000 - 1GB DDR - 160GB SATA - 800GB - $125/Month + $0 Setup
    AMD Athlon64 3400 - 1GB DDR - 160GB SATA - 800GB - $140/Month + $0 Setup
    AMD Athlon64 3500 - 1GB DDR - 160GB SATA - 800GB - $150/Month + $0 Setup

    All servers include up to 5 ips free, web-based remote reboot outlet, 24/7 monitoring, stats and usage graphs

    Order url:

    Operating System: CentOS Linux
    Management: Basic Management Included
    Datacenter: Equinix, Chicago
    Test IP:
    IP Transit: BGP Mix of Savvis and Level3
    Extra Memory: $20/mo per gigabyte
    IP Addresses: $1/mo per ip with arin justification
    DirectAdmin: $10/mo
    CPanel: $40/mo
    SERVERAXIS The arms dealer for startups
    SSD VPS and HDD Storage VPS
    Bare Metal Dedicated Servers
    Chicago - Miami

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    problem - I like the prices and your site but photocopies of one's CC? Isn't requesting the CCV2 number sufficient, maybe even a call to the phone number of record? This isn't a flame but I was disappointed.

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    To be honest with cc fraud as popular as it is this is sadly becoming more and more frequent. I am waiting for this to be so popular people leave a pic of their cc on their computer and then people steal those as well.

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