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    centos help....everything

    OS: CentOS 4.2

    i recieved my login info for a dedicated server saturday and ive acccomplished nothing in 3 days.

    i am using putty/ssh to try and login
    i enter the ip given into putty then a black box appears asking for the name
    i insert root then it asks for pw
    i enter the root pw given to me and then all i see is the black screen with a flashing #

    i take it some form of command goes next.

    i guess i was thinking it would be similar to windows server 2003 after logging in being taken right to the desktop/icons so i guess this is going to be alot different.

    looking for someone who may be interested in installing/setting up a few things on the server and writing out the steps on how i accomplish loggging in and using whats installed...
    i would like bittorent/bt client(bitcomet)?/some form of browser to surf the net (firefox)?
    and how to change the root pw.

    payment made via paypal would be no problem.

    i hope this is allowed here.

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    taken care of now

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