Offer #1:
Dual Xeon 2.8 Gig or Dual Opteron 242
2 Gig RAM
3 x 36 Gig SCSI RAID5
2000 Gig B/W
Windows 2K3 std
Managed Server
apc remote reboot port
shared KVM/IP

If you choose mont to month contract, there will be a setup fee of $300
If you sign a 12 months contract, then there is no setup fee but 1st and last month is due upfront.
Monthly for first 6 months: $300/mo
Monthly after 6 months: $450/mo
Only 2 servers available

Offer #2:
this offer is for 10 servers (all at once)
AMD 2400 XP
1 Gig RAM
80 Gig HD
remote reboot port
10 Mbit port (dedicated)
Setup: $500
Monthly: $1500
Each of the server has a dedicated connection of 10 Mbit that is guranteed to be able to push 10 Mbit sustained if needed.

Please email jim@*******.com for any question.