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    Need some advice troubleshooting a crashing server

    Hello all

    Over the last 3/4 days, my server just stops responding and i'm not sure what the problem is

    Anyone have any clues as to where I should start looking?

    I did notice on both occasions, that this entry was in the CPU usage area

    nobody 73.10% CPU 0.50Memory 0.0
    Top Process %CPU 98.1 /usr/local/firewall
    Top Process %CPU 98.0 /usr/local/firewall

    Any ideas what might be causing that?

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    Use ' dmesg | more ' command and check for any harddisk related problems. Also try upgrading your server kernel to latest version and see if that helps.
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    Hi , please refer to my thread as i had similar problem maybe u will find some solutions there :

    Well i think it was a power related issue as it has not happened ever again.

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