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    Looking for place to advertise


    Im looking for a place to advertise a site that will be up in a few days. The site is teen/computer related. I would like the site being advertised on targeted to teens and computers.

    I also accept Myspace's with ALOT of friends.

    PM me your site/stats/price.


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    You've exceeded your storage on PM's so I can't send you the information I was going too.

    Here it is...

    I'm running a special advertising deal on which gets an average of 10,000 unique visitors per day. I would say that a lot of the sites audience is in your target range.

    You can get more information here



  3. #3 3000+ unique /day 80 unique/day

    Let me know if you are interested.

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    Sorry about that everyone! I cleaned some of my PM's up.

    To lux_interior: Looks great! Its strongly considered and bookmarked.

    To smo123: Not really what were looking for, sorry.

    To Tiddle: Not really as well, but whats the stats?

    Keep em coming

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    i have sent you a pm with tidwah's stats.

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    For your advertising needs please feel free to contact Journal Home.
    Please see thread:

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    I run some gaming discussion forums frequented by mostly teens-early 30's gamers.

    Theres 3 domains all pointing to the website all are pr3 domains last time i checked.
    I have space for full run of site 468x60 banner ads on there and the rates are fairly cheap since i dont normally make a habit of selling ad space on there usually

    drop me an email to [email protected]

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    Keep em coming =)

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    Our Site is target to the Yought & Teens Entertainment & Music & Tech - Web Talks out there

    We got over 3500 unique visitors/daily with is nearly to 100,000 unique/monthly. From USA, Canada is the most and all over the WORLD!.

    For Banner impressions about 8,000 - 10,000 daily. (over 200,000 impressions/month)
    Average Banner Clicks: 60+ Unique/daily
    PR5 on with over 40,000 search results
    and good statistic on (currently around 72,000)

    Check out our policy & cost/plans that are will suitable for you.
    We also doing a custom plan, so contact me online
    and our live statistic for preview in that page

    If you are interesting, please send me a PM or

    Live Chat - AIM: AnhCoDon503 or Yahoo! VietVoiceNet

    Best day.

  11. #11 is targetted directly to teenagers who use MySpace or run a website.

    The site offers flash games for bloggers to place on their websites (comparable to music video codes, this is flash game codes). The site is getting over 1000 uniques a day and is only one month old so far. We also have a PR6.

    I would like to offer you the Featured Site box located on the left hand side of every page. You would get a 60 word description of your site, a small banner link and a text link inside of the description. My price for this box is only $110 for 30 days.

    Let me know,

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    Have chosen one so far, looking for another or two.

    Still looking =)

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    If you are interested in text or 88x31 advertising on freebloggames, let me know.


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    I really believe. I am willing to code. This, as most of other ads looking for advertising is fake. Hi- five.

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