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    $13 ONLY! LiteSSL Certificates (Special Price)

    APC Hosting ( is an official partner with and is able to offer the cheapest Low Assurance SSL Certificate certs for only $13 / year! The only difference between this and High Assurance Certificate is that it does not verify your company identity, but verifies your domain like those hunderd over dollars certs do!

    Order a LiteSSL Certificate at very special price of $13 now at and it will be issued to you in minutes!

    Payments through Paypal/Credit Card. Thank you!

    • Lowest cost - LiteSSL certificates are the lowest cost SSL certificates in the world!
    • Fastest delivery - It only takes around 3 minutes for us to send the certificate to you!
    • Up to 256 bit encryption - LiteSSL certificates provide 128/256 bit encryption of confidential data
    • Supporting 99.3% of your customers - Will use a web browser that recognises LiteSSL
    • Confidence - We are so confident with our products that we offer a free 30 day money back guarantee
    • 24/7/365 Support - Support when you need it most!

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    Very nice, getting one now!

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