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    * Reoccuring dreams

    Since i was about 6, I've had a reoccuring dream where i fall off the back of this real big hill.

    I've also had one where my neighborhood was infested with snakes, and i was the last survivor.

    Do any of you people have reoccuring dreams?

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    Yeah, all the time....dreams actually mean certain things, you should google then and it will tell you what they mean Or get a dreams book!

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    I've heard that some people have a dream about running a webhosting business.

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    I had a dream i had twice when i was about 8 years old.

    I was in this open top jeep with a big bunny rabbit, who was driving and we were trying to escape from these "shadows on the hill" but they eventually caught me and put me in a really small rabbit cage.

    The rabbit driver then broke me out and we drove down a dirt track road at full speed....all of a sudden there was a model railway crossing so i got out the jeep crossed it and my nan was on the other side and she gave me a hug...then I would take up.
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