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    If you freelance will u continue?

    I just realized this week that webdesign/graphic design is not really a great area to go into. Well maybe it is but I just recently felt that I would like to do something different out of colledge. I mean webdesign is my obsession now days but I think i want to go into engineering or something. A lot of freelancers that are my age and older say they want to do this and that jobs that have nothing to do with freelancing. So I ask you "what job do you want?"

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    Your post kind of took two different directions by the end so I'm going to answer the freelance question

    I'd say the freelance market is still a very good place to make money. I found that as long as you don't budge on your pricing (don't get suckered into fighting for clients based on price) you'll be fine. Within a couple years a had a very loyal group of clients all having no problems paying $30.00 USD per hour.

    When I first started out, I tried to fight for jobs on elance, etc but it's just not possible. With people willing to do an entire website for $200, your only choice is going for those quality clients. I do have to admit I was somewhat lucky as almost all of my clients branched out from my first.

    Anyways, I'm now done with the freelance thing. The money was good but I just can't handle dealing with design clients anymore. No time... and no patience

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    I'm currently involved in the freelance scene and I would like to branch out more in this area as time evolves. Running my own business is of course my ambition.

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