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    * People hate getting towed...some more than others.

    I feel for the kid, but he didn't handle the situation correctly. The two truck driver should of cut the kid some slack...

    To clarify, the car is not being repossessed, its being towed for being illegally parked. Thats why the tow truck driver says he has a contract with the hospital: a contract to remove illegally parked cars. And thats why the whiner says he works at the hospital: he is maintaining that he has a right to park there. The $92 that is mentioned is the fee to get the car off the tow truck. This is the money the whiner doesnt have. ...

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    The tow drivers probably get money by the car they tow so letting the kid some slack will mean they go poor...

    I always wonder how genuine this videos are? Why the heck would you film it, surely that's illegal in its own right?
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