I'm selling one of my sites that I've Bought it here about months back . It's got a great domain name, search engine traffic mostly and is in a lucrative market (software).

RelaySniper.com is a PR3 and has been registered and active since 2001 by it's former owners who offerd an anti relaying application. The company is long since gone but the site is listed on many software sites and gets abuout 30 uniques a day from these sources and type-ins. There is no revenue to speak of as I haven't really tried to maximise it. I started off trialing a similar product to see how it faired. I've stats showing approx 200 trial downloads and 10 clicks on the 'buy' button but am not sure of sales. I was actually dealing directly with the software developer and need to chase him up but I'd estimate only a couple of sales. These stats etc are for about 4-5 months. As I said I've never really pushed the site.

A search for 'relay sniper' at Google brings back 3000 results so the software was quite well known hence the type-in traffic.

Domain expires in Nov but I will renew it for a full year for the new owner.

I'm starting this at a low $40, increments of $5 with no bin at present.



PS: This is posted in multiple forums and I reserve the right to withdraw the sale at anytime.