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    email difficulties - deleting queue and restarting MailEnable via Plesk


    My company has a dedicated server with Recently some of the email accounts on our hosted domains started receiving hundreds of email error messages -- as it turns out, there is some kind of bug with one of Godaddy's recent upgrades and it requires a patch to be loaded on the server. The directions they gave: 1) Logon to remote server. 2) install patch. 3) delete email queue. 4)restart MailEnable application. This is for a Windows 2003 server, installed with Plesk.

    Here's the problem.
    I know VERY LITTLE about server admin stuff. Installing the patch on the server should be pretty easy, however, I am not so sure about the other 2 steps. Unfortunately goaddy's tech support refuses to give me specific instructions for reasons unknown to me.

    I found the MailEnable directory in Plesk and found about 20 different messages stored in the STMP Outgoing queue folder. Is it going to screw anything up if I delete ALL of these? In the STMP Outgoing folder is a subfolder named Messages, which also contains about 20 queued messages, are these okay to delete as well? It is my assumption that these are the error messages that everyone keeps receiving.

    Now for the big question: How on earth do I "restart" MailEnable without restarting the whole server? I can get to the MailEnable folder via Plesk, and I *think* I found the mailenable manager, but I can't find any sort of restart option.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    And keep in mind that I only know the basics in regards to server admin stuff. No laughing if I'm completely overlooking something. Thank you so much for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

    -Kelli B.-

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    There are a couple ways to delete messages in the mail queue in MailEnable. The way I usually recommend is through the MailEnable MMC snap in, since then MailEnable will delete all the parts of the message and you should not have any "stray" remnants of the message around. (Though I'm sure probably removing all of the items out of the smtp queue folder and the messages sub folder would work, I've never tried it personally)

    To get the MailEnable Management console up and running:

    If you have something on your desktop, start menu or programs that says MailEnable Administrator launch that and skip to the section below about deleting items out of the queue.

    IF not, you can load it by:
    • Click Start then Run
    • Type MMC
    • Press Enter

    In the MMC console click:
    • File
    • Add/Remove Snap In
    • Click the Add button

    From there you will see a whole bunch of snap in's - look for the one that says MailEnable managment.

    • Highlight it and then press Add.
    • Press Close
    • Press OK

    You will now have a window that says Console Root and below that MailEnable Management. Now you can move to the area to delete messages:
    • Click the + next to MailEnable Management
    • Click the + next to Servers
    • Click the + next to localhost
    • Click the + next to Connectors
    • Click the + next to SMTP
    • Click the + next to Queues
    • Click on Outbound queue

    In there you will see all of your pending outbound messages. Since you only have about 20, you can right click and delete them from the queue from this snap in. It will remove them from the server.

    To restart MailEnable -
    You can do this from Plesk by going to Server>Service Management>MailEnable SMTP Connector and clicking the little orange target looking icon (I dont know a better way to describe it). That should restart your SMTP services. You can do that with all the MailEnable services if necessary.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!
    Jennifer McConnell - Director of Client Services
    Data393 - Colocation and Dedicated Servers

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    Thank you SO SO SO much for your help!

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