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    Question Is VPS right for me?

    I'm looking to accomplish the following: - MUD Server (~50 connections w/out lag) - VoIP (Ventrilo, ~10 connections) - WebSite (Low traffic, max around ~100 hits a day) - Forums (again, Low traffic) Can a $50/Month VPS handle this for me, or should I consider a dedicated server? Thanks!

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    VPS may be for you, but it seems that you need a pretty good system, so I would totally go with a dedicated, make sure it's managed, unless you plan to use it privately, it's really what skills you have in linux/unix. It's fairly easy, not rocket science, but it can be said that linux/unix does take some thinking. It's for people who don't like Jerry B. Films
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    Things might be tight on a VPS, but you can always start out on a VPS and move to a dedicated if the VPS can’t handle the load.

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    I think that a good VPS with high performance suitable for u

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