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Thread: Dual Xeon

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    Dual Xeon

    Quick question, I just puchased a new dual xeon dedicated with Fedora 3.

    Does Linux automatically distribute the load of httpd or mysqld through both CPU's or do I have to configure this? Does it distribute the load evenly, or maxes out one CPU and then directs load onto the other CPU?

    Thank You!

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    You won't have to configure anything
    But you will need a SMP-capable Linux-Kernel ...

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    I'd go with Redhat Linux, Fedora is too user based and Redhat gives excellent support 24/7!
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    The smp kernel evenly distributes the load in my knowledge. SMP refers to the operating system concept of a group of processors working together as peers, so that any piece of work could be done equally well by any processor. The way Linux implements threads is to treat them at scheduling the same way as any process - thread just happens to share several resources of the originating process; memory space, file descriptors etc.

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