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    disaster recovery backups


    I have 3 servers with one provider 2 cpanel and one windows plesk.

    They are all backed up to 3rd hard drives nightly.

    I have been told its worth copying the backups to another server with another provider to i have a backup elsewhere for disaster recovery?

    What are you thoughs on this and where should i go for a backup server?

    Can i get scripts to backup the correct files for me between servers?



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    My rule of thumb is to back everything up on separate systems within the datacenter as well as having another backup off site, so yes I would definitely look into another option. You can use scripts to back everything up, something like rsync might even come in handy there.

    As far as what to get and where to get it, that depends on your resources and your needs from this backup. If resources are limited, and you just need to ensure you have a copy of your data, all you really need is HD space... the system specs are pretty much secondary... but what if you need to operate off of this system? Could a situation arise where this would be necessary?
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    I think it really depends on your recovery needs. If you can deal with the idea of being down for several hours after a crash to rebuild the system, and restore the data, then a simple remote backup will work fine. If you expect to be back up and running relatively quick, you probably want to have a hot spare type of setup. This is obviously overkill for a smaller company though. My recommendation is to either copy the data from each server to another, or get a remote backup account at
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    You shoule check this site

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    Bandwidth is a bit issue for many people looking at off site backups. The two things to watch, is the volume of data transfered each day when the backup is made and the sort of bandwidth you can expect if you need to do a large recovery. (For example backing up to an ADSL line is great until you have to restore everything, at that point it'll take days and days to restore data because the ADSL upstream is slow).

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