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    Awstats for each website

    I run a small server with vhcs as hosting panel for me and a few friends (about five). As you may know, vhcs han't got any good stats script pre installed so I'd like to use AWstats becasue I used it before on my windows server. I noticed on the demo on their webiste the address is when you logon to their demo domain

    Is it possible to fix so every domain on the server has it's own stats that it not affected by the other websites stats? And, ofcource, I do want some stats for the whole server too.

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    We ran into the same problem. We use H Sphere and it has AWstats for every domain. I am not clear on C Panel though.
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    cPanel allows use of all stats programs per domain. You will need to enable awstats in WebHost Manager to see awstats statistics.
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