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    PR5 Text Links from $5 a month

    Domain: (PR5)
    Bonus domain for non image hosting advertisers: (PR2)

    PR5 Text Link

    This is a main page only Text Link and would mainly be for adding PR or making sure you're crawled if you have a new site. Page gets 100-300 hits a day when I don't have ads running. $5 per month. (1 available now, 2 more on the 16th)

    PR5 + multible PR4 subpages

    Same goal as above, more coverage. $8 per month. (3 available)

    Forums Links (bottom of page)

    This will include all hosted forums. Including the support forum which is a PR5 subdomain with multible PR4 pages itself. (support forum was just put back up, it doesn't get much traffic at this point, but of course other forums do) $10 per month (3 available, 2 more on the 16th)

    Forum Links (top of page)

    This link will be right under the google banner be in fairly large text/font and can be a line or 2 long. My image host site did pretty good in this spot. This will be on every forum including the PR5 support board. ($15 per month 1 available, this will replace the google search if you go to a forum)

    This is a free hosting site. Free services seem to do well, hosting might do well for people who want to upgrade from a free account to a more robust paid service.

    If there is a free image host interested we could work something out to upload directly from the forum, I'll also remove my image host ad should you put an ad up.

    Non-image hosting sites will also get a free text link at free of charge for any of the above offers.
    I reserve the right to be wrong at all times

    phpbb forums without hosting fees

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    I sent you a PM.

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