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    vbulletin custom main page. will pay.

    hello, i need to have a main forum page a little customized:

    recent 20 topics with icons showing what is read what not and forum list just like on regular forum main page again with icons indicating if a forum has a new post or not. i tried to do it myself, works, but slow. i need a main page that would load in a blink of an eye on our dedicated server.

    recent treands should include title, descriptions ($preview is good enough), forum where it is posted, topic poster hyperlinked to his/her profile, last poster with link to his/her profile, a link to most recent post on that topic, number of replies and views that topic has.

    main page also should have online user, birthdys, event but as i said speed is a critical factor for me.

    if you think you can do it please contact me at msn messanger username armanian or email me at virap at

    Thank you.

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    Try one of the many portal hacks available on, they provide what you're after, and they're free.

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    thank you Chris, i will check them out. but i think portal hacks would have many other things that i would not need. i need professional grade, fast solultion that does only what we need. but thanksk will for sure check the hacks too.

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    Most definitely check out the portals. They all include the ability to disable any function that you don't need. I can't think of the name (but it's a download in the vbulletin forums) but anyway, it is a very very nice portal with news/poll/birthdays/PM menu/who's online, etc..just about anything you could want.

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    thanks kvnband, first i dont know any portal that has features i described (it not just dumping new topics into index.php but also marking them read / new etc.) plus i would rather not have hacked forum.

    i want stand alone solution! someone please!

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    Have you tried looking at While you may not want to hack your forum, the solution really doesn't require much modification and would probably suit all your needs.

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