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    Looking for good streaming server.

    Hello there,
    I'm looking for a good streaming server, and by that I mean dedicated bandwidth port.

    The server Specs and placing is not all so important.
    But Unmetered bandwidth and dedicated 10Mbit port is needed as it's going to be used to constant stream media.

    I can pay 80-90$/Month for it.

    I hope someone can point me in a direction ^^

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    You could try but they might be a little bit out of your price range (though for decent bandwidth you might want to double your budget)

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    Well... I have found some hosts wich provide it:
    HiveloCity(Setup is too much)
    OrangeFiber(199$ setup? OMG!, but i WILL get 10Mbps for 80$/Month)
    JNetHosting(A little to expensive, I might get the price down if i request slower CPU tough)

    That's all i know.

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    If you want good bandwidth, that doesn't require a rebuffer every few mins, you may want to up your budget.

    However, that said, if you're streaming a basic radio station (such as at 128kbps), then Hivelocity and Orangefibre would likely be fine (Iv'e used OF in the past for a 400kbps streaming TV station and it didn't work out, but dropping to 128kbps 'broadband radio' seemed great). I was able to push out lots of low-bandwidth streams, but wasn't able to push out one very high bandwidth stream. This was also a while ago, and iv'e read that OF's network has improved vastly.

    You should expect a fairly large setup price with a budget unmetered provider, you'll likely pay for *most* of the hardware you use upfront, and then the low monthly cost covers bandwidth + support + provider's profit.

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    What kind of streams are you doing?
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    USA should so something about:

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    Well, It's preparations for a company Iæm going to start, now I'm looking around at prices.
    It will be Music and Video streaming, mostly using Shoutcast and peercast, but i might add windows later on.

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