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Thread: Hosting and SQL

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    Hosting and SQL

    My host disapeared. I opened an account with a new host.

    I had a back of the files and a complete outdated backup of the cpanel.

    I uploaded all the files to the new server, but the website isnt running since it is not connected to the databse I think. I get this error :


    Now in my new cpanel, i uploaded the sql database from the complete backup I had.

    Is there a way to reconnect those database to the website ?


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    It sounds like you need to import the mysql dump into the new database on your new server. You should be able to do this from phpmyadmin or have your host do it for you manually on the server.

    Then you might need to update your website software with the new database connection information such as hostname username, password
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    Yes, like frdalton said, your web site should have a configuration file, manytimes inside of an include folder, open that, you should have an area for the Database Name, Hostname, Username and Password.

    You need to update that in order for your web site to connect to the db.
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