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    How much to charge for Design + Management?

    I have a client who wants me to design his company site and also maintain and update content often. I wonder how much should I charge him. I am in Australia here, it seems like most web design firms here only charge design for smth like $500-$800 per site but I never heard of how much they charge for site maintanaience. Any comment?
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    It depends what kind of site they require. Is it only simple design with several pages or is it complex Content Management System?

    Same with the update. If there is large volume of information needed to be updated everyday, then you should charge more.
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    Well, from their requirements, the job seems simple. Just create and design some nice html pages, and the put their company profiles up and stuff.

    And for the updates, they would just be company news or press to be posted there. I am thinking of simply giving them free lifetime update of content and charge for $500 for the website for design work.
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    I am thinking of simply giving them free lifetime update of content - That would be a very unwize thing to do. depending on what the site is you can ether offer a monthly solution about $25-30 for a small site. or a $10/update. Dont go saying you will do it for free

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    The lifetime update idea isn't great... I'm speaking from experience, the customer will take advantage of that, and since it was an agreement they can really be bad about it...

    i agree with dreamworks and i'd charge about $15/hour per monthly update..
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    It really depends on both the types of updates being performed as well as the time it will take to do them (as well as your overhead!).

    I would do a quarterly type of plan...if the updates end up taking to much time for what you're getting paid you can renegotiate after the quarter is over.

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    I would ask for money on a hourly basis. Then you are covered in all cases ... indeed free updates are not a good idea. Customers can be quite abusive in this sometimes

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    <150$ for small site
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