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    I Need A Host That Allows Multiple Domain Names

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a brand new poster here.
    So, please forgive my lack of knowledge
    on this hosting area.

    Right now, I'm hosting my main site with Yahoo hosting.
    But it's not what I'm looking for.

    I'm getting ready to put together and publish multiple websites
    with lots of pages in each. (Minimum of 50 pages)
    Each with it's own domain name.

    I'm looking for a host that has a lot of available space,
    lots of bandwidth, good control panel, and most importantly,
    will host multiple domains under the same account.
    I'm talking over 50 domains and comparable space for them all.

    Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. I'd appreciate it if your suggestions can stay under the $25.00
    a month range.

    Ok Ok, I hear all that laughter. There's gotta be some out there at that price.
    Cmon, help me out here..

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    You should consider getting a reseller account to properly manage that many domains. You could also use addon domains but it would start getting sloppy with that many domain names controlled by one account.

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    Actually, your $25 budget is very realistic these days considering a lot of web hosts are offering unlimited on almost anything, you should be able to find one that meets your needs.

    As what Pixelized have posted, a reseller or virtual private server may be a better choice, you can add a lot of domains as you please.

    Have a good day.

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    Depends on the number of domains you'll need hosted. I have a Site5 reseller account and have been quite happy with them. They have some multiple domain shared accounts too.
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    If you require to have multiple sites, you will get quite a lot of hosting companies offering you this at as low as $7.95 pm... you need not go for a reseller account if you don't need to sell webhosting. You must go through all options they offer, sometimes it is not what they say...

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    Welcome to WHT!

    As others have said, getting what you're looking for should be easy. Especially since you posted a realistic price range.

    You may want to try the Host Quote feature here:

    So that you can get quotes from web hosts on exactly what you need.

    Good luck in your search!


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    I've been with site5 for nearly 6 months now. I can definatly recommend them. I hardly had any downtime during those six months (not counting right now where something went wrong during maintenance). Their support is exelent and so is their overall hosting. Definatly good value for money.

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    Site5's multisite express might be a good starting point.
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    Be cairfull Nightstar Just google webhosting. You will find millions which will be albe to help you for your $25. Also you could have a look in the offers section of this ite. You get many good deals there.
    Jon Black

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