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    Arrow Need Electrical Site Template $50-100

    I need a template created for an industrial electrical wiring and PLC automation company. Willing to pay $50-100 for exclusive rights to the template and all images used. I'd also like to keep a copy of the PSD incase I need to edit anything. If it is good enough, I'd be willing to pay the $50-100 and do the slicing myself.

    The template would need to be functional. It can't be one of those templates that alot of hosting websites use that if it ever needs to be changed, the whole thing needs to be scrapped.

    Please contact me via AIM at CXProgramming for information, and to show me your previous work.
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    I would also like to note that if this all goes well, that there is a potential for much more work (higher paying as well).

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    Tacking on another post. Here is another site that is related to the content I will need to deliver, with a very nice and professional layout.

    With a site like that however, I would need the designer to supply one to three individual templates because the main link would only work for the index, but that is about the only worthwhile purpose a layout like that would serve.

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