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    Searching for best & cheap web host

    I want to switch from yahoo becasue it doesn't have facility to work with .htaccess file and my site is blocked in china

    As as I am from Nepal I would be grateful if anyone could get me an idea about best and cheap web host in the market.

    Please give me unbiased view, now promotional comment as eventually I will know it whether it was good or not

    I want to have generous web space and data transfer, relaible, cheap and best costumer service.

    I was just thinking of ******, blue host, ipowerweb, poweweb etc.

    Thanks a lot

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    What's your budget range? Storage/Bandwidth?

    Control Panel? Location of datacenter?

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    budget < $8/month may be +- 1 or 2

    storage maxima that is available and so with band with
    I didn't get it:
    Control Panel? Location of datacenter?
    I live in Nepal

    And What do you think of bluehost.ocm, ******, ipowerweb, powweb.

    ets ets

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    Hi ang2el,

    i think you just to see the hosting plans because i am using this company before 2 years and now this is my 3rd years to continouing their services and i have already sent the Review about this company.



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    There is no (best) host in the market. User needs and expectations are different, thats why you'll get different openions. You have to research yourself based on your requirements.

    My favourite list is:
    Latest Article:
    Choosing a Web Host: Beware Marketing Tricks

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    It's very difficult to help you because it's not about the maximum for that amount but about what you need. For example, your budget is $8, but are you looking for hosting that costs $8/month payed monthly or $8/month payed yearly?

    Anyway, check , , , , , , etc. as that could help you decide as well. Those hosts are not my favourites, but I think that you can expect great value for your money.

    By the way:

    Control Panel: cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, Helm, custom CP...

    Location of datacenter: USA, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, India, Australia, Emirates, Kuwait, Russia...
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    so you are from nepal .well i am from the same place too.well right i am with based in uk.i am happy with them and they are cheap and reliable.they have good support system and there have neve been a problem with my site.
    give them a try and hope they will help you out.

    all the best

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    Currently I am hosting at Yahoo it has great features space and bandwith too, but yahoo doesnt support .htaccess file thats why I want to move. Cany anyone tell me similar cost and similar features more relaible and costumer support in other host company.

    I have visited all those site mention above, many of them have either low bandwith or space and that too expensive than yahoo. Although I would like to give my sincere thanks for all.

    I would be glad if I could get the features similar to yahoo and that would be in <$8/month.

    Thats why I was thinking of ******, bluehost, powweb, ipowerweb etc, can anyone have any experience with these hosts???

    Which one is the best cheap host available with great support, reliable and feature in the market.

    hello neo1, thats great to hear from you that you are also from Nepal, I visited the site you mention but its expenssive, I want more web space and bandwith in less amount. Thanks though.

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    Hello ang2el,

    If you want some review of your hosting providers list, you can try using SEARCH Function in this forum. You'll get some good or bad comments to help you decide which is the best for you.

    You should also list your priority from the highest between price, bandwidth and good support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neo1
    well right i am with based in uk.
    Could you please tell us the domain that you have hosted with them. If you don't want to post it, you can use the "Report this post" link (in the bottom left corner, below the usernames) to let the helpdesk know.

    We need to confirm that reviews are from real clients.


    Do you have a WHT question or concern? Please open a helpdesk ticket.

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    I have myself switched from Yahoo over 6 months ago. Here are the budget hosts that have satisfactorily replaced Yahoo. They are all small companies and (almost all) found on this forum. I can recommend them based on my experience:

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    Quite a few sites are blocked in China, it may be worth doing thorough checking beforehand.
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    Its amazing, I find lots of link and went through it but couldn't find any host equally good and review for them.

    My biggest problem is .htaccess file which is not allowed in yahoo or elese very fine for me.

    A great dilema, either I have to chose yahoo or .htaccess file

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    I have accounts with many of the top budget hosts, other than BlueHost.
    Out of all the hosting companies, I must say that iPowerWeb is my favorite.
    They are one of the largest of all major budget hosts. I LOVE THE VDECK CONTROL PANEL.
    While many hosts use cPanel, iPowerWeb has a vDeck control panel which is my favorite.
    iPowerWeb is competitive when it comes to pricing and space.
    If you ask me, iPowerWeb is the way to go.

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    As far as the hosts you mentioned go, the main thing you might want to be aware of is that BlueHost's tech support is only open:
    Monday - Friday 6 AM - 10 PM (MST) and
    Saturday 8 AM - 6 PM (MST)
    Seeing as you're in Nepal... :|

    As for what SEOKing said, I would not recommend VDeck. It's very shiny, but I just don't like it compared to cPanel and Plesk. If you do choose to go with a vdeck provider however, I would definately recommend over iPowerWeb.

    Just my 2c

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    Cheap is never the best. You either pay high end for a great host, or cheap for a cheap host. It's really up to you what quality of service and support and uptime you need!

    Anthony B.

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    Yes, maybe, but in this particular instance, I found small budget hosts (some of them offering 1$ hosting) far better than Yahoo.

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    Is this a serious post or a joke? Well, First of all we would like to know the method of payment you will be doing even if its 99pence you need to pay for the hosting, but as I understand from nepal there is no such visa/mastercard or any debit card payment.

    Not even paypal, suppose I provide you hosting in NRs 500 a month how will you pay?
    Regards, Rumi
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    you don't need to have your own visa or mastercard isn't????

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    does anybody has any idea which one is the best three host at present?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ang2el
    does anybody has any idea which one is the best three host at present?
    Well, that is a meaningless question, since there is no way of telling. Plus the fact that the "best" -- in terms of fantastic support, 100% uptime etc. --- may be way beyond your budget...

    What you can do is look around for a host which gives you a good deal considering your budget. And I can only suggest you home in on a couple that fit your budget, then look around for customer opinions on those... plus ask them some pre-sales questions... and then decide.
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    The following are between $6-$8/mo and have at least 2GB Storage

    Plan Name, Company Name, Price/mo, Data Storage, Data Transfer, #emails, OS

    Linux -2 GB Plan,, $6.25, 2 GB, 7 GB, Unlimited, Linux

    Blue Host, Blue Host, $6.95, 4 GB, 100 GB, 2500, Unix

    CravisHostOne, CRAVIS, $6.95, 3 GB, 50 GB, 20, Windows

    Linux -3 GB Plan,, $7.08, 3 GB, 9 GB, Unlimited, Linux

    S-H100, ToeHosting, $7.19, 3 GB, 40 GB, Unlimited, Linux

    Prologic, Start Logic, $7.50, 2 GB, 60 GB, Unix

    Linux - 4 GB Plan,, $7.91, 4 GB, 12 GB, Unlimited, Linux

    iPower Pro Package, iPowerWeb, $7.95, 2 GB, 50 GB, 500, Unix

    Mega-Phase, midPhase, $7.95, 3 GB, Unlimited, Unlimited, Unix

    Shuttle, Lunar Pages, $7.95, 3 GB, 40 GB, Unlimited, Linux

    Launch, InMotion, $7.95, 2 GB, 40 GB, 50, Linux

    Mega Plan, Advanced Network Hosts, $7.95, 2.5 GB, 65 MB, Unlimited, Windows

    Starter, E Power Servers, $7.95, 2 GB, 60 GB, 50, Unix

    Basic, Easy CGI $7.96, 3 GB, 50 GB, 50, Windows
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