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    php configuration

    my server system is Windows NT therefore I can't run whereis mail or whereis sendmail is. My problem is I can't receive any email from the form that I put on my website (form action="contact.php"). I ran a phpinfo() and noticed that on the configuration section found that the sendmail_path is "NO VALUE". Is this sendmail_path should have some values in it so that I will able to receive the form from the user? This already took them more than a month hasn't figure it out. That's why I need some experts advise see I have the right spot to point them to fix it.

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    Windows does not have sendmail, so you will need to use the SMTP settings, and an SMTP server, to send mail through PHP.
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    so my smtp is local host and how to I make my php work for my form? Even below simple test I also can't receive. Please advice


    $to="[email protected]";
    $header="Problem on the server";
    $info="There are some weird problems happening on the server.";

    mail($to, $header, $info);


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