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    WS:, SEO tools, Dating site, Reminder site !!
    - Games - 135 proloaded
    Games script lifetime license is included (worth US$45 retail)

    Start BID: US$20
    BINL US$50
    Godaddy - 11 months left.
    This all-in-one Games site have
    - Games - 135 proloaded
    - Games Cheats subpage
    - Games Directory subpage
    - Games Submit subpage

    One games suite have all you need for your games biz.
    All are licensed copies (total 4 licensed script)
    Games script lifetime license is included (worth US$45 retail)

    Start BID: US$20
    BIN: US$50

    Registered in Godaddy, expire April, 2006
    Buyer pay transaction cost if any.
    New site, so assume no traffic/revenue yet.

    ====== the following are turnkey site start US$10, BIN US$30 =========
    A SEO Tools site, check PR, SERP, IP Address, Whois
    A Reminder site: Many people often have biz. This site remind people's biz schedule, help to manage theirs.
    A Game Directory site site
    A Lover Dating, Single Match Zone. Got to do this petienly
    A game cheats site that make sure you will win Blamelessly.
    A image hosting site

    I reseve the right to sell to the highest bidder anytime when the price is OK to me.

    Buyer pay transaction cost if any.

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    I will have a 3 weeks' holiday from 13 Nov, so please contact me before or after the holiday if you are interested in those site.

    You may get them very cheap if you contact me before my holiday as I want to clean this up.


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    How much is hosting and and transaction cost?

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    for the game site, 100Mbyte space. It cost about U$1~ US$3.99 for hosting.

    For the domain name transaction is FREE.

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