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    Talking 3 Letter .biz + Premium Vista Domains!!!

    Vista Domains:
    Accepting offers on these domains, they are versions of windows vista 2006 (99% sure). There are NO TM ISSUES with these domains! They are reg'd at GoDaddy with about 10 months left on registration, free push.

    Windows Vista is set to be released in March sometime. So only a few months away.

    PM with your offers. At the moment I am not sure what to expect for domains so please.


    PM with your offers only please!!!

    3 Letter .biz domains
    I'm accepting offers on any of the following domains via this thread or PM.

    Minimum sale price recomended by is $33... I am expecting a little more, especially for the double letter domains.

    All are reg'd at

    I am also accepting package offers via PM.
    Here they are :

    AQN.BIZ 1/18/2007

    AZW.BIZ 1/17/2007

    BJX.BIZ 12/14/2006

    BQQ.BIZ 8/3/2006

    BTZ.BIZ 1/17/2007

    BWZ.BIZ 10/3/2006

    BXY.BIZ 10/30/2006

    JAQ.BIZ 12/23/2006

    KXI.BIZ 11/5/2006

    LQL.BIZ 12/21/2006

    OXX.BIZ 3/21/2007

    UNZ.BIZ 1/7/2007

    Domains being sold elsewhere also so first to post it gets it.

    Thanks all, kind regards, Billy.

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    Update: Received offer of $25 per domain at NamePros, but still looking for a higher price on these.

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    Update: Received offer of $336 for the domains as a package.

    Still looking for a bit higher price though please.

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    * Thats $336 for the 3 letter .biz domains as a package i mean, it excludes the vista domains.

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    no longer available, selling them individually at namepros,

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