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    Age of site (months): 3.5

    Monthly revenue: 225

    Monthly page views: 3,386,760

    Description: is a highly established free web site hosting service. It originally started as something of a hobby, so I have not made any real attempts at monetizing the traffic. The site has over 16,000 users and is growing by about 400-500 members per day. The site is only 3.5 months old, and is growing everyday.

    TekCities is hosted on a $150 server with several other sites. It used about 1TB of bandwidth last month.

    I have spent little time on advertising it (apart from submission to an top site or two). In addition, the site only requires about 5 minutes a day of upkeep (checking apache status, etc.). The site has a very active user base with several moderators who generally keep the support going.

    I did not want to place advertisements or popupunders on any of our user pages, so that is another potential avenue. Considering the current amount of pageviews and a modest $2 CPM, you can see, there is considerable potential in this site.

    Regarding my reasons for selling, I've swamped with work lately and I'm in need of additional funds for an upcoming project.

    PM me for proof of traffic/revenue.

    Price (or starting bid): $1,000

    Is an auction?: Yes

    Buy it Now: $10,000

    Ends: November 15, 2005


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    how did you get so many customer in 3 months without advertising?? the cost to support 1Tb of traffic for free customers --- ??

    send me more info -- if your swaped with work - -but site only takes minutes a day to up keep.

    listen -- if you are really getting 500 new free sign ups a day i am sure i can convert some to paying customers -- send me a break down of useage -- if you need me to sing an NDA i will
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    I submitted to a couple of high traffic topsites and did some internal advertising, but that's about it.

    There are many things that you can do with the site, but I don't have the time to let the site grow. I don't feel I'm doing it much justice.

    Honestly, if you were to take the time to sign up for the various ad networks (CPM, CPA, CPC, etc.) and experiment, I don't think breaking $5,000 a month would be difficult (2$CPM *3,000,000/1,000), I just don't have the time.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean about the break down of usage, but I've never really been a fan of half-paid, half-free sites, it complicates the process. However, feel free to try it if you buy the site .

    I have PMed you the stats.


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    So at that rate of growth, isn't your single servwer getting overloaded?
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    I am also interested in the site. If possible, i would be grateful if you could also pm me some site stats.


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    I am a bit curious about this single server too. Your site says you give 5gb of space and you say you have 16,000 customers? Yet you say your server cost is only $150 a month? Did I misunderstand something here? Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teknet
    I submitted to a couple of high traffic topsites and did some internal advertising, but that's about it.
    could you share what topsites you submitted to?

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    PM sent,
    Regarding the server,
    I am overselling when I say 5GB, very few (if any), users use anything close to that. I've used less than 1/2 of my 2x160 hdd. In addition, my server is at a sagonet and they have offered to set up a linux cluster when the need arises.

    I don't remember the exact ones. Just google "hosting directories" and I'm sure you'll find a bunch.

    Current high bid is $5,000 via sitepoint.

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    are you using some type of automation script to accept signups and manage accounts? Do each of your users get a cpanel account? Please let me know asap, we are very interested in this.

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    what is the current bid at?

    also, in your original email you state that you don't have any ads on their sites but on tekcities website it says clean, revelant text ads. so do the sites indeed have ads?

    also.... 16,000+ members..... but the forum only has 321 members. are you offering support via other channels?

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    I use a highly modified version of the SSP script to run the site. cPanel is not an effective option for free web hosting so we do not offer it.

    I have a bid for $5,200 and I am working out the details at the moment.

    I do state that on the front page, just so users are prepared if I do place ads on their sites. I don't want to get sued for false advertising or anything.

    Not everyone has to sign up for the forums. It's optional.


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    What kind of script did you use?

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    I use a modified version of the SSP script to host the sites.


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    Did this deal finish or is the site still for sale?

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    Yes, it's been sold.


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