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    Pr3 Entertainment Website


    I run a pr3 entertainment website. It recieved roughly 795 unique hits a day in October which was it's 2nd month of operation. This month it is pulling in roughly 180 (although it's done better in September pulling in a whooping 794) unique hits a day. The reason for this is because I have school to deal with now, and don't want to sacrifice my schooling for a website. The site has alot of content and is a little profitable. Most of it comes from google adsense ($12) and now I've added bidversiter ($4.53) and searchfeed ($5.23), both pulling in a little. I've also made roughly $50 from selling ad space privately, and should you purchase the website I can give you a list of all the advertisers, how long they paid for, and their info so that you can sell them more ad space.

    Again, I'm selling the website because I want to make sure I can get into the programs that I want to be in at university. With a website I will not be able to manage this.

    The website is backed by wordpress software, and can be easily updated. I've done a little customization and will even include the next website design with the sale. The coding is also simple to understand, and easy to customize.

    If you have any questions, want screenshots of stats, revenues, or want the URL then please PM me. My BIN is: $350.

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    Current Bid: $210

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    Please PM me the details.

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    Please PM me the details. I might be very much interested.

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    Details sent.

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    Details please...
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    Details sent.

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    I PMed you but you did not respond, please send details.

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    Details of site please. Thanks,

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    I've sent out all the details to everyone I believe. If I missed anyone please PM me. Remember this site has tons of content, 100+ video clips alone!

    Also, I've lowered the BIN to $300!

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    pm me details please, thanks..

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    Can you PM me the details of the website.

    Thank you

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    PMs sent out.

    EDIT: For some of you I could not PM you because you do not have the required amount of posts.

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    Thanks to everyone who bidded, after a little more consideration I've decided to keep the website (sometimes you get too attached). I may consider selling in the future, but for now I'll continue owning it.

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