Hello, I will keep this brief and simple.

Position: Business Partner / Programming Partner.
Description: The accepted Programmer will become a Partner within a new software development company - EchoType. EchoType is inspiring to be, not just another development company within the internet but a software development company that listens and views the final product from the consumers point of view rather than the developers. EchoType - a software development that promises to change the way web applications are developed.

- Live within the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada or Europe.
- Over 16 years of age.
- Speak English Fluently.
- Able to Program using PHP and understand the logistics behind web programming.

Payroll: The Payroll will be split evenly and fairly. Im not asking for anyone to invest within EchoType, investing is left to the partnerís decision and will not affect the final partner chosen.

Applying: You can apply quickly and easily by simply heading over too:

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!