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    Smart rewrite of URL - can it be done?

    I have the following URL which i'd like to rewrite (mod_rewrite). Im a bit unsure in regards of this can be done, so you could say im also looking for answer to that.

    The URLs shows 3 different hints the the title "doom4"





    I wish the rewrite these URLs so they don't fill out so much. My problem is that I dont want the long and different id numbers in the rewrite, but rewrite the id numbers, so they are defined in the following way; - has number 1 because it's the first(lowest id) hint which is added to the database.- Id "13120" - Id "22788" - Id "23405"

    I have no problem rewriting the URLs if the long id number are used (but im looking for the first solution), like;

    BUT like I said, im looking for the first solution (if it can be done?)

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    From what you've told us, no.

    You're going to have some kind of mapping from the long id number to the short id; how else would mod_rewrite know? Doing lookups like this in mod_rewrite is painful--you're best using mod_rewrite to rewrite the URL to some other script; that script then does the mapping to the correct URL.

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    Nothing stopping you from using mod_rewrite, however you'd need to change the code in viewtopic.php to take advantage of it.


    RewriteRule ^(\w+)/(\w+)/(\w+)-(\d+).html$ /viewtitle.php?platform=$1&title=$2&type=$3&page=$4 [L]
    PHP Code:
    if (array_key_exists("page"$_GET)) {
    // Perform an SQL query here to get the ID for the page number
    } else {
    // Use existing code for a search by ID

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    If the title (doom4) is unique to that set of hints then you could easily do the first option. Just iterate through the results within viewtitle.php until your get to the x one returned. (x being the number 1, 2... etc)

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