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    Any thoughts on Trustix

    We have used Hsphere for a long time for our shared solutions. I have been getting solocitiations from our rep over at Psoft about their relatively new Trustix product. Does anyone have experience with it? Thoughts?

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    Trustix has some nice ideas and thoughts into the design of their OS. They include some pretty cool security settings on a default install (which a lot of linux distros do not).

    Con: (This whole situation was a bit weird.)

    The fact that they changed names overnight pretty much, however in their defence.. They did provide a way for users to still get updates. It just sounds a bit shakey.

    Hsphere + Trustix:

    I recently installed this for a client, and it was easy. It required me to add a few dependencies manually. The install guide is all you will need for a basic install and maybe google. (A few dependency searches if you don't know what they are.)

    I'd say go for it. The more people that use and support trustix will make it grow hopefully.

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    I myself have used Trustix before version 2.2 and it worked fairly well.

    Having the default security settings was a plus and it works quite well with cPanel also.

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    The bundle prices for Trustix look pretty good

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